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Puicent's Story

Ladies & Gentlemen, her.


Hi, I am the face behind the brand, Puicent. It took me sleepless nights and long hard-working hours to be here and if you're viewing this... I just want to say thank you!

Perfume is deeper than just 'smelling good' it creates your identity, who you are.


I reduced my hours at work because I became unhappy, I no longer wanted to work there but the COVID-19 pandemic struck and I got stuck. Now, I believe that this is my calling - to have everyone smelling 10/10! I want people to buy from Puicent because they relate, same way you might support your fellow sister / brother.

I am embarking on this journey because I believe that there is power in your fragrance.

Puicent is a brand you can trust! I know it sounds so cliché but, it's true! Before leaving the house everyone sprays pumps of perfume, mists or body spray.

Smelling good doesn't start from the outside but, who you buy from.

Let Puicent be that brand that you love.​

Love, Puicent.

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